Honeymoon In Victoria, BC

For our honeymoon, Shane and I went to Victoria in British Columbia and had so much fun! Here are a few pictures I took on the trip and Shane will add more soon!

Here we are exactly one week after the wedding enjoying the beauty of Vancouver Island!

Shane in Butchart Gardens!

The Sunken Garden.

Waiting For The Wedding!

Streater Family Younger Cousins!

Streater and Morey Family Cousins!

My Aunt Mary Claire and Aunt Priss working away on the rehearsal dinner! Thank you two!

Rehearsal dinner!

What a beautiful spot!

My cousin Erin and Friend Laura getting ready for the wedding!

Shannon with wedding plumage!

Me trying on my Mom’s glasses to de-stress!!

Claire and Alissa waiting after getting ready!

We Are Married!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us on our very special wedding day! Our wedding was so fun and the night was more beautiful then we had ever imagined! We would not have been able to accomplish our wedding vision without all of the help from friends and family, we are truly blessed!

We are so happy and thankful to everyone!

The Bridesmaids

Claire Taggart – Maid of Honor

She is the whole world to me. We have shared so much in our lives, from crawling though college. I am so happy to have my best friend Claire at my side on this very important day.

At Laura’s wedding!

In the cold woods a few years back!

Shannon Ingraham- Bridesmaid

Shannon is so special to me. We were roommates for six years and have been through so much together: freshman dorms, working as Residential advisers, graduating college, and life after school. Shannon is always so loving and supportive and positive, I am happy to have you with me on this special day.

Shannon as a pirate!

Shannon, Crystal, and Mom!

Shannon and art!

Laura McKay: Bridesmaid

Laura was my very first friend, and is still so special to me. We have had many wonderful adventures camping, traveling, and sharing important moments in our lives. I am so happy to have her by my side today and always.

Here we are getting ready for Laura’s Wedding!

Crystal’s graduation!

Alissa Goss- Bridesmaid

Alissa is so dear to me! We share a studio together and fuel each other with inspiration, good ideas and courage to continue on our art-making path. Alissa encouraged me to pursue Shane from the very beginning, more than four years ago. Thank you for your loving support on this day and always.

Art Buddies!

Tana Bourland-Bridesmaid

I am blessed to have Tana as a new sister. Thank you for accepting me into your family and for having such a wonderful brother! I can’t wait to share in many family adventures and have you as a good friend.

With Tana and Jonas wine tasting!

Tana, Joanna, Kira, and Cole! If Kira and Cole could walk, they would be in the wedding!

Time Is Moving Quickly!

I am going to be a married woman, and it feels really natural. Shane is so special to me and I am so happy to share my life with him. I am getting pretty excited, even with all of the wedding stress of details and decisions. I am trying to keep my head straight on a commitment of love, fun, and wonderful celebration!

We have completed the invitations! They are beautifuly finished and we have learned so much about our letterpress! Here are a few pictures!

Places to See!

We hope you come and while in the area, there are lots of  historic sites to visit and beautiful scenery to see. Nevada City and Grass Valley are the towns where I have my first memories.  I spent long summers at the Yuba river swimming and hiking, while also hanging out in the historic down towns! We love Nevada County and have chosen a few of our favorite sites to visit!

Five ‘Must See’ Places

1. The Yuba River- The most beautiful rock and water you can imagine!

2. The Briar Patch CO-OP – for delicious food and Beverages. My Mom, Liz, is the wellness manager, and has been there 25 years!

3.The Crystal Rainbow Rock Shop -Owned and operated by my Father Don Morey for over 20 years. Now owned and operated by the lovely Mimi Musgrave!

4. the New Moon Cafe – owned by dear friends Peter Salaya and Buzz Couch, they have the most delicious, fresh, California/ mediterranean food. It is a must!

5. The Empire Mine– A beautiful historic gold mine with underground tours, rose gardens and 3D mine tunnel maps. Empire Mine is the site of the oldest, largest, and richest gold mine in California.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I think most people who know me probably know I’m not really one for making big deals of things or doing anything that draws much attention.

However, today is Valentine’s Day, and the only one that Crystal and I will be spending together as fiancés. Sure, we’ve had a few as “boyfriend/girlfriend” and will hopefully have a great many as “husband/wife,” but this is it as far as celebrating as an engaged couple.

So, on that note, I just want to say in a public place:

Crystal, I love you very, very much, and as much as I love you now, I can’t wait for all the adventures future Valentine’s Day’s will bring!

Shane and Crystal
My Valentine and Me

600 Pounds of Iron! Life is Amazing!

I couldn’t be happier, our lives are blessed with good fortune and filled with so many generous people! I am almost sure we have found a letter press of our very own! Shane has searched long and wide and his hard work has payed off! Shane and I will most likely be taking a road trip some day in the near future to retrieve our 600 pound beauty. The drive is one day and eight hours long, sure to be an adventure I plan to document! 🙂

Sparkle Magic

I have two beautiful engagement rings, each one is filled with so much care, thought, and love! The first ring I received in Carmel, CA on Friday, October 16th, 2009. A small white gold eternity band with white diamonds and champagne diamonds! This ring has a story! I was walking around lake Merritt on a wonderful April morning with my friend Shannon when we first saw this ring. We took a detour to a consignment shop and with Shannon’s exquisite knowledge and passion of beautiful things, she new the ring was an Ashley Morgan piece and we loved it!

I didn’t see this ring again until October, although, when I saw it again, it had new meaning as a symbol of our love and commitment! This is my true engagement ring and also the only one I thought I would get!

This year Shane and I spent Christmas morning in Grass Valley with my Mom in her wooded home. We were coming to the end of our gifts when Shane gave me a large, heavy box. I opened the box sure to find a brick, and to my surprise, there was a nicely wrapped old computer battery, old computer hard drive, and I tiny, little, perfectly wrapped package. Being the easy crier that I am, I don’t think I actually saw the ring until minutes later! The ring is exquisitely beautiful: diamond in the center, a ruby on either side, and set in 18k Yellow gold. My Favorite part is the ring is from my dear love and buddy Shane;)

In Search of a Letterpress

We are in the market for a letterpress! It started with the idea off making beautiful wedding invitation and now it has also became a hobby idea! Shane loves mechanical objects, type, print design, and researching projects and I love drawing and making things! We are searching all over the country to find an affordable letterpress to make beautiful paper items and our own handmade invitations!

Letterpress work was very popular at the turn of the last century and can easily weigh 200lbs.

If anyone has any leads on letterpress materials we would be eternally grateful!