In Search of a Letterpress

We are in the market for a letterpress! It started with the idea off making beautiful wedding invitation and now it has also became a hobby idea! Shane loves mechanical objects, type, print design, and researching projects and I love drawing and making things! We are searching all over the country to find an affordable letterpress to make beautiful paper items and our own handmade invitations!

Letterpress work was very popular at the turn of the last century and can easily weigh 200lbs.

If anyone has any leads on letterpress materials we would be eternally grateful!

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  1. Wow, your dad used a letterpress like this to make stationary when he was in his early teens. I remember helping him set the type. All the while, our dad (printer by trade) was looking over our shoulders.
    They would both be THRILLED that you are choosing to make your invitations like this!

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