Happy Valentine’s Day

I think most people who know me probably know I’m not really one for making big deals of things or doing anything that draws much attention.

However, today is Valentine’s Day, and the only one that Crystal and I will be spending together as fiancés. Sure, we’ve had a few as “boyfriend/girlfriend” and will hopefully have a great many as “husband/wife,” but this is it as far as celebrating as an engaged couple.

So, on that note, I just want to say in a public place:

Crystal, I love you very, very much, and as much as I love you now, I can’t wait for all the adventures future Valentine’s Day’s will bring!

Shane and Crystal
My Valentine and Me

600 Pounds of Iron! Life is Amazing!

I couldn’t be happier, our lives are blessed with good fortune and filled with so many generous people! I am almost sure we have found a letter press of our very own! Shane has searched long and wide and his hard work has payed off! Shane and I will most likely be taking a road trip some day in the near future to retrieve our 600 pound beauty. The drive is one day and eight hours long, sure to be an adventure I plan to document! 🙂