Sparkle Magic

I have two beautiful engagement rings, each one is filled with so much care, thought, and love! The first ring I received in Carmel, CA on Friday, October 16th, 2009. A small white gold eternity band with white diamonds and champagne diamonds! This ring has a story! I was walking around lake Merritt on a wonderful April morning with my friend Shannon when we first saw this ring. We took a detour to a consignment shop and with Shannon’s exquisite knowledge and passion of beautiful things, she new the ring was anĀ Ashley Morgan piece and we loved it!

I didn’t see this ring again until October, although, when I saw it again, it had new meaning as a symbol of our love and commitment! This is my true engagement ring and also the only one I thought I would get!

This year Shane and I spent Christmas morning in Grass Valley with my Mom in her wooded home. We were coming to the end of our gifts when Shane gave me a large, heavy box. I opened the box sure to find a brick, and to my surprise, there was a nicely wrapped old computer battery, old computer hard drive, and I tiny, little, perfectly wrapped package. Being the easy crier that I am, I don’t think I actually saw the ring until minutes later! The ring is exquisitely beautiful: diamond in the center, a ruby on either side, and set in 18k Yellow gold. My Favorite part is the ring is from my dear love and buddy Shane;)