Places to See!

We hope you come and while in the area, there are lots of  historic sites to visit and beautiful scenery to see. Nevada City and Grass Valley are the towns where I have my first memories.  I spent long summers at the Yuba river swimming and hiking, while also hanging out in the historic down towns! We love Nevada County and have chosen a few of our favorite sites to visit!

Five ‘Must See’ Places

1. The Yuba River- The most beautiful rock and water you can imagine!

2. The Briar Patch CO-OP – for delicious food and Beverages. My Mom, Liz, is the wellness manager, and has been there 25 years!

3.The Crystal Rainbow Rock Shop -Owned and operated by my Father Don Morey for over 20 years. Now owned and operated by the lovely Mimi Musgrave!

4. the New Moon Cafe – owned by dear friends Peter Salaya and Buzz Couch, they have the most delicious, fresh, California/ mediterranean food. It is a must!

5. The Empire Mine– A beautiful historic gold mine with underground tours, rose gardens and 3D mine tunnel maps. Empire Mine is the site of the oldest, largest, and richest gold mine in California.

Schrammsberg Estate

We will be getting married on September 25Th, 2010 at the Schrammsberg Estate in Nevada City, California. We chose this space for it’s natural beauty and quiet setting! The ceremony will take place with the pond as our background and there is also a creek that runs by, several large trees, flowers, grass, and an outdoor dance floor!

This picture was taken in November and all of the plants are in hibernation!

We look forward to a beautiful, natural, outdoor union!