Schrammsberg Estate

We will be getting married on September 25Th, 2010 at the Schrammsberg Estate in Nevada City, California. We chose this space for it’s natural beauty and quiet setting! The ceremony will take place with the┬ápond as our background and there is also a creek that runs by, several large trees, flowers, grass, and an outdoor dance floor!

This picture was taken in November and all of the plants are in hibernation!

We look forward to a beautiful, natural, outdoor union!

Our Modern Romance

Once┬áthere was a finicky girl who liked to make pretty objects out of mud. It started with mud pies, then fantastical scenes of witches and gargoyles. As she grew older the drive became more serious and she pursued this love of making with mud. The girl needed a way to show the world her ideas, and asked her trusted friend John Casey for help. John thought about it for some time, searching for someone that could help with this task. His friend of course, Shane Bliss, doer of all extraordinary things design and web related. “Shane Bliss”, the girl thought, “what a beautiful and mysterious name!” The girl, was intrigued and the romance began!

Paul Bunyan, Babe the Blue Ox, and Crystal: Christmas time, Blankspace 2009.